If a Red Giant star could dream what it wanted its dust to become after it died, I can imagine a particularly ambitious one wanting to become the kind of world that Tom Atlee has envisioned here, and the kind of inspired, passionate, educated world-changers he imagines getting together to create that world. I hope a lot of people decide to get Great Story activism like this rolling so we prove to good ol' natural selection that we are homo sapiens (wise people) for real.

—Connie Barlow, science writer and author of Green Space, Green Time



(This errata is relevant for the first edition made available in 2009.  The typos below were corrected for the version available in 2010.)



Prefatory material


The copyright licensing information is incorrect; I offer more freedom than indicated in the printed book (the PDF has been corrected). See Copying for the correct information.


In the printed book there is no description of the image on the back cover (lower left).  It is the co-intelligence symbol, described on http://co-intelligence.org/CIsymbol.html.


Page xiv


The word "I" should be added at the beginning of the second sentence of the paragraph beginning "I could feel my world shifting."


Page 44


The phrase "The remaining 800 hundreds marchers" should read "The remaining 400 marchers".


Page 107


Co-op America has a new name and website: Green America Today, http://www.greenamericatoday.org/


Page 184


The link newsweek.com/id/208164 should be www.newsweek.com/id/208164


Pages 277 and 286


The link evolutionaryspirituality.wikia.com/wiki should be evolutionaryspirituality.wikia.com

The link maestro.com should be maestropath.com


Page 331


Index entry "Support groups" should have page 279 added.


Page 342


The page is missing its header.  Also, the final phrase in Juanita Brown and David Isaacs' blurb for the book should read "our unique contribution to the web of life."




If you notice other errors in the book, please email them to me at or simply add them here:

Dear Ms. Breland:This is an excellent westibe. I am running for Justice Court Judge, and this is the only issue anyone is asking me about. I think that Prop 26 is an unconscionable cynical ploy to manipulate Mississippi into paying the costs of the litigation that will take years on the road to the US Supreme Court. Of course, if the state loses the case (which even Liberty Counsel thinks is highly likely) the state would end up footing the costs of the challenge against the law, per 42 USC 1988, which allows prevailing civil rights litigants to recover their attorney's fees and costs from the losing parties. So, perversely, MS would end up funding ACLU and Planned Parenthood, costing the state millions of dollars in the meantime.

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