Evolutionary activism is an idea whose time has come. In this lucid, engaging book, Tom Atlee shares from the leading edge of his own learning about how to mobilize our collective wisdom to transform our social systems. A must-read.

—Craig Hamilton, founder of Integral Enlightenment and host of the Great Integral Awakening

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Why this book? Why now?


Activism has a bad rap as militant and angry.  We can reframe activism as a pro-active effort to catalyze the emergence of more life-serving social systems, cultures, technologies, stories, and conditions.  There is inspiration and guidance for this in evolution's ancient story, cosmic creativity, and wise dynamics.  As we face emerging extinction-level crises, the narrative of evolution seems ever more appropriate as a source of meaning and motivation.  This book explores how we can become more conscious partners and expressions of the sacred, powerful evolutionary story, to bring forth a civilization that is as vibrant as it is sustainable.